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Thank you for staying with us! We are located on the back side of the mall where you will have privacy and plenty of space to park your RV. No need to make turn arounds. Drive in and drive out. The red arrow is where our entrance is located. The yellow area is where you can park you RV. You may arrive at any time during the day of your stay and visit any other locations nearby. If you haven't booked your escape adventure, please click HERE to view available times. Your escape adventure will only last 60 minutes unless you can escape in less time. Once your time is up you can continue to enjoy the small town or Tarboro, NC or remain in our parking area for the rest of your stay. There is no specific time for departure. We want you to rest as much as you need to but be aware that there are other business located in the area and traffic may start a little early. We look forward to you stay!

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