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What    is


      Escape     Room

     An escape room is a fun and unique activity to do with your friends and family. You can break away from your normal routine and try a fun and exciting way to challenge yourselves. Don't worry about CLAUSTROPHOBIA we won't actually lock you in a room. In just 60 minutes you'll make memories that will last a life time.            

                  to    solve   

                   a    puzzle





Search For clues  - Look high and low and left to right. Objects or keys can be hidden throughout the room. Be quick yet thorough.


Use Team WorK - Communicate every detail with your team members. If you have an Idea speak up. Everyone should be doing something, for your best chance to have a successful escape.


Trust your instincts  Use clues, keys, riddles, and your IQs and Don't over think it.

Our Escape Games  Are for everyone young or old male or female and we are also handicap accessible, and Claustrophobia friendly, we will not actually lock you in a room and you can come out for fresh air when ever you feel like it.


Escape    or   not,    you   will   enjoy   this   mind   challenging   adventure 

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